Fast-talking, smart, an energetic go-getter who’s running the show, Stevie excels in the role of the high-status professional, powerful in her fastidiousness. A corporate office-manager type who holds everything in on top of a seabed of vulnerability, all the while covering a deep insecurity that she doesn’t quite belong in this world. She’s buttoned up tight, but get two drinks in her and suddenly she’s a foul-mouthed mess. The office manager who’s going to blow a fuse so she screams in the bathroom, then pulls it together and comes back as if nothing happened. The college administrator, the coroner, the medical examiner, the brilliant forensics expert who lives in the basement. Think Alison Pill in The Newsroom, or Lauren Graham in a Mae Whitman package.

As one half of Butter Tarts Productions, Stevie co-writes, co-produces, and stars in the web series Honestly Charlotte, based on the multiple-award-winning short film of the same name. Her performance as Charlotte Chandler has garnered her multiple award nominations, including a win for Actress in a Leading Role at the Big Bang International Short Film Festival in 2017. 

Stevie's credits also include the forthcoming Hallmark film Match Up, roles on TV series including Somewhere Between and Supernatural, voices on the animated series Kolakucoa, and a number of web series and short and industrial film projects. Stevie also has a long history of independent theatre, where she has worked not only as an actor, but as an assistant director, producer and stage manager.


When not acting, Stevie co-hosts and co-produces The Talent Crush Chat Show podcast with her friend and fellow creative, Christopher Royce.

Stevie is based in Vancouver, BC and is represented by KC Talent.