In Which I Write for Someone Else's Blog

Hi all, Here's a little something I completely forgot to share.

If you grew up when I did, you remember a sitcom called Family Ties. One of the cast members, Justine Bateman (who was busy playing Mallory Keaton during her actual college-age years), went back to school at UCLA a few years ago, and has been blogging about her experience there. Her blog came up as a recommendation on Tumblr for me at some point early on, and I've been reading her entries ever since, largely because I was interested in what it's like to go to college for the first time when you are a good 20+ years older than almost everyone in your class.

Anyway. Justine is about to graduate, and a few weeks ago, she asked for a graduation present of sorts from her readers. She wanted to know about our college experiences. Since I'd been quietly reading about hers all this time, it only seemed fair to contribute when she asked.

I wouldn't call it a guest post, exactly, but here's what I wrote for/to her.

Enjoy! Or don't. I'm not your mom.

(P.S. Don't bother to follow me on Tumblr. Or do - again, I'm not your mom - but know that I have literally never posted anything with the exception of that piece, which isn't even on my own page.)