Butter Tarts Productions is proud to present the world premiere of Honestly Charlotte: The Series.

In a world where artists need day jobs, one woman speaks the truth.

Charlotte Chandler is an artist stuck in a corporate cubicle who can't help telling the truth - about everything. Based on the award-winning short film of the same name, Honestly Charlotte: The Series follows Charlotte as she navigates the frustrating necessity of having a day job, working for a shifty but lovable boss, and dealing with her self-appointed nemesis, all while trying to find her way into the professional art world.

Honestly Charlotte stars Stevie Jackson as Charlotte Chandler, Pam Kearns as Louise Lassiter, Jane Avery as Gabe Griffin, and Mirella Gibeau as Marigold. The six-part digital comedy series is written and produced by Stevie Jackson and Joan Macbeth, and directed by Joan Macbeth.

Many thanks to our family, friends, industry colleagues, and contributors for your support throughout production. Please join us at the link for our online world premiere, now available on a small screen near you!

All six episodes available here:

Enjoy the show!

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